Project Scope

Project Scope

Here is a sampling of projects I’ve worked on recently. Perhaps by looking at the project scope, they’ll spark your imagination for how we can collaborate.

Project Scope:
Holly Wren needed a simple web based store to sell her online courses + books. We opted to use Big Cartel because of its simplicity, easy entry-level store set up + ability to link to her current website.

After I set up the Big Cartel site, Holly provided me with the graphics of her products which I used to create the images in Canva + then uploaded to her store. As her courses are email based, I linked Big Cartel to Mailchimp via Zapier. This allows customers who purchase a course to be automatically added to the correct Mailchimp group+ start receiving automated course information.

Additional tasks:
Mailchimp group set up, wrote email automations; Testing and editing course content within Mailchimp and Pathwright (additional teaching platform).

Products Used:
Big Cartel, Mailchimp, Canva + Zapier

Project Scope:
Katey Schultz
’s initial project focused on organizing a marketing campaign via good old-fashioned snail mail. Wanting a slower way of connecting with her readers + students, we collaborated on a postcard. Stage two was collecting mailing addresses + building a database to create mailing labels.

Products Used:
WordPress, Canva, Pixelbay, Vistaprint, Excel

As we continued our collaboration, Katey requested assistance with content repurposing. A dedicated writer, she has over 2,000 blog posts that needed categorizing. One specific task created was to source posts that could be used to help direct traffic to one of her core offerings.

This project had many elements + deliverables:
• Reviewing and categorizing posts
• Identifying ones to direct towards her course offerings
• Updating posts with correct links
• Offering a preliminary edit and restructure of posts being repurposed
• Sourcing and adding images with captions and alt text features
• Adding key word phrases and optimizing Yoast SEO for each post
• Redirecting old post link to new post
• Sourcing additional content that could be used to create e-books, guest posts or worksheets.
• Repurposed a webinar into an audio file and created a companion worksheet which became an additional product to an existing series.
• Coordinated the team used for technical graphic design, web coding + video editing.

Each postcard mailing featured a personalized message and a call to action for a specific online course.

The results? Katey’s list of followers has grown, she has sold enough online courses in response to the postcards to cover expenses and earn a profit, she is happily and more authentically engaged with her audience through multiple streams, and she and her clients now have a clearer sense for the forward momentum of her business.

Project Scope:

Suzi Banks Baum requested project support surrounding her New Illuminations bookmaking residency in Armenia. Scheduled to return + teach her second master class to women artists in October of 2017, Suzi needed assistance organizing, researching + developing resources for grants, fundraising + potential outlets for articles. 

In the course of applying for grants + talking to potential sponsors, we determined she needed to consolidate the various websites housing New Illuminations information onto her own website + donation platform.

We strategized on ways to create levels of sponsorship that allows potential donors to connect with the artists + the overall creative magnitude of the New Illuminations project. Through our conversations we developed different ways for donors to contribute at multiple levels. Suzi provided me with amazing text + photos, which I then turned into marketing collateral to be used on her website, Instagram, donation platform + newsletter.

As Suzi’s departure date to Armenia drew closer, we turned to creating systems to track expenses, donations, + thank you’s sent.

Deliverables for Marketing Collateral:

Media Kit, Slide show featuring donation levels, Postcards, Posters + table tents for fundraiser

Products Used:
Canva, Excel, Word, Drop Box, Zoom

Project Scope:
 Wreggitt is a new author who launched a book Nov 2017. While she handled the technical aspects herself, we worked collaboratively to identify platforms for her to grow her readership.

Following my philosophy of building an intentional business we strategized her priorities for the book launch as well as a longer-term plan. Because I don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach we reviewed her values + identified what was important + the way she wanted to present herself in the media + online.

After reading the manuscript, I created a document identifying:
• Pull quotes from each section to be used for social media, blog posts, newsletter or any other additonal marketing collateral.
• Themes to use when sharing work or submitting to other sites.
• Potential people, professional organizations, podcasts + online magazine to submit writing + connect with for long term platform growth.
• Matching potential essays or book segments to platform.

Curious about how I put my project management philosophy into practice? I write 1-2 times a month about resources, techniques + practices I’m finding useful in navigating the small business world.