Project Management

Project Management

A conscientious + intentional project manager understands your values, has an eye on your goal, the business’s strategic priorities + potential opportunities. 

Implementation needs clarity, organization + flexibility. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.

Here’s a starter list of areas where my project management skills shine. If you don’t see your project listed, let’s talk. I’ll know if we’re a good fit + may have a few resources if I don’t have the right skill set.

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Research Projects

  • Content research for blog, videos, courses or podcast topics to get you moving in a forward direction.
  • Research potential people, professional organizations, podcasts + online magazines to submit writing + connect with for long-term platform growth.
  • Create list of links + research articles to support your content.
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Content Management Projects

  • Create simple graphics for your content: e-books, blog, articles + social media outlets.
  • Source “copyright free” images for content.
  • Sourcing your existing content to identify what could be used to create e-books, guest posts or worksheets.
  • Repurposing webinars into an audio files + creating companion worksheets.
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Systems Development Projects

  • Set up + manage client workflow
  • Set up + manage new client on boarding process.
  • Set up + manage scheduling of podcast guests + blogging collaborations.
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Your Specific Project

  • Let’s talk about your particular needs + see how we can collaborate.

Curious about what clients have asked me to work on? Click to read the Project Scopes


It will depend on the complexity, level of strategy + organization required. I can tell you most projects I’ve worked on start around $275.00 with implementation within a month.

The best way to start answering this is to chat on the phone about what your particular needs are.

Without knowing inside and out what your values are, it’s nearly impossible to identify strategic priorities you can believe in + work towards. Without having strong, aligned strategic priorities you believe in, the next shiny object crossing your path will always tempt you + your attention will be spread thin.

In order to give your project the care + attention it deserves, this is where I recommend starting. In order for your project to succeed, there needs to be a basic understanding of where you’re beginning.

I have several DIY Resources available:

  • My Philosophy
  • Foundational Concepts Worksheet
  • Values Worksheet

If you’d like a more collaborative approach to figuring out these elements, I have two stand-alone packages which can be bundled together to assist you. Let’s chat to figure out which is the right one for your business needs.

I’ll create a team in Asana where I can organize the tasks, keep track of information + link to any relevant Google docs or sheets. This lets our due dates + who is assigned to a particular task remain clear. It presents the elements I need from you in order to start working on a secondary task. The ability to comment on a specific task decreases the need to search our inbox for communication that gets buried in an email with multiple topics. It’s always good to decrease email overwhelm.

I use Google drive to organize our documents or spreadsheets, Zoom for video conferencing + the phone is always an option I turn to when a quick question or clarification is needed.

Curious about how I put my project management philosophy into practice? I write 1-2 times a month about resources, techniques + practices I’m finding useful in navigating the small business world.