What clients have to say…

Holly – Poet, teacher Poetry Forge

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“Thank you for being so beautifully organized. And thank you for being a few steps ahead of me on the details. You are already making my life much easier.”

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Katey Schultz – Writer, teacher Maximum Impact

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“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate how you presented materials and raise questions that are in sync with my goals and aspirations. This is EXACTLY the kind of thinking, teamwork, resourcing, and organizing I had hoped to find in someone, when looking for talented help with my blog posts. You are not simply mimicking tone or following a template. You are intuiting the underlying message and ethos of my business and adding to the conversation. Somehow, you have the ability to see the clear, efficient path forward through tasks that feel daunting to me. As a solo-entrepreneur, I can’t do it all. Now I don’t have to.”

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Suzi Banks Baum – writer, artist, creator of New Illuminations Residence

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Photo credit: Knar Babayan

“Many thanks Heidi. You are making this so much calmer for me. I don’t have to hold all the strings.”

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Kirsten Wreggitt – writer, author of Before I Let You Go: Stories for My Grown Son



Launching a book was new to me and a little scary. I knew I needed someone who believed what I believed about marketing: that it has to feel good and that it can be done with integrity. Heidi completely understood and ensured that she had my values upfront to test that everything we did together would be completely aligned.

I also needed someone that wasn’t just going to check off a list of tasks I provided, but that would come to the table with ideas and suggestions to build on what I was really trying to achieve. Heidi was definitely a strategic partner in this project and she enhanced my initial ideas with her experience.

A book launch has so many moving parts and my time was tight. Being able to trust Heidi to deliver what we discussed (she exceeded my expectations) and in the time frame I needed was the best part. I never had to follow up; she anticipated my needs by checking in regularly and delivered everything we set out to and more.

I would not hesitate to recommend Heidi to anyone who is looking for support to grow an intentional business.

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