My Philosophy - How We Collaborate

As a strategic partner + idea generator:

I tap into my activator strength by asking foundational questions. I want to know:

What do you + your business value most?   Where is your business headed?  Where do you want your attention to be in the next 30 days? 90 days?

Are you engaging with your customers in a way that’s aligned with your values + priorities? If not, what would you like to shift?

You might be wondering why I’m asking these questions + what they have to do with your project or needs.

Here’s why it’s important: Without knowing, inside and out, what your values are it’s near impossible to identify strategic priorities you can believe in + work towards. Without having strong, aligned strategic priorities you believe in, the next shiny object crossing your path will always tempt you + your attention will be spread thin.

In order for your project to succeed, for me to give your project the care + attention is deserves, we have to start with a few Foundational Concepts Read more in the Foundational Concepts worksheet found on the Resource page.

As a problem solver and resource finder:

I tap into my strength as a learner. One of the things I love most is research, finding information, sourcing possibilities then distilling down to a solution for right now, which also takes into consideration where you want your business to grow.

I liked nothing better than to dive into a complex problem + identified individual tasks so we can collaborate on how to craft the best solution. Working behind the scenes, coordinating + leading other team members to bringing all the pieces of the project together is where I shine. When the behind the scenes run smoothly, you shine.

As a curator of information:

I tap into my achiever strength to organize the way we’ll get your project completed. Curation is the process of bringing together the most important, most relevant elements of your project. Clarity, a core value in my business, shows up in how I curate the information to achieve our goals. I use thorough, clear + concise workflows, task lists, project scopes + timelines to move us forward while always keeping you informed of project progress.

When we work together we’ll revisit the Foundational Concepts from time to time + make sure we’re headed the direction you want to go.

Curious about how I put my project management philosophy into practice? I write 1-2 times a month about resources, techniques + practices I’m finding useful in navigating the small business world.